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Watch Elysium Movie Online Free 2013

All those who love out of the box and away from reality movies or in short sci-fi movies, must watch Elysium movie online for free. The upcoming film Elysium is a highly interesting sci-fi film. Though the plot seems more or less conventional, the depiction of the storyline with intelligent direction, excellent screenplay and foolproof acting, has rendered the conventional fodder into a high profile nutrition.




Written, co-produced and directed by Neill Blomkamp and starring Matt Damon and Jodie Foster, the movie is predicted to be a big hit of the season. So download Elysium movie online to watch this film from the comfort of your home. Just like most sci-fi films, the movie is set in future when humanity has made great progress.


So as you watch Elysium movie online for free, you are at once transported into the year 2154. During this time in future, you will find that humans have discovered another space habitat or planet fit for life and human living called Elysium. Howver, only the extremely rich have the right to live on this planet free from all misery, poverty, disease, pollution and destruction of earth.


Elysium is ruled by President Patel who has made stringent anti immigration laws to prevent the entry of any unwanted immigrants from earth in their search for a life full of prosperity, health and luxury to let only the wealthy few enjoy the unlimited resources, technology, and other amenities provided on Elysium.


Any attempt to enter the planet is met with cruelty and destruction. The twist comes when Max DeCosta played by actor Matt Damon happens to get affected by a cancer virus in an industrial accident on earth. He can only be cured with great medical facilities available on Elysium and has only 5 days to seek entry to the planet.


Now whether Max is able to leave earth and reach Elysium successfully or not, download Elysium movie online for free and watch this movie in your spare time to know for yourself.  A co-production of Media Rights Capital and Sony's TriStar Pictures, the movie is scheduled for release in theatres across the world on August 9, 2013.